When it comes to marketing, Instagram has grown into a powerful tool to create and boost brand awareness. Its impact on any business model cannot be over emphasized. The various sections ranging from the feeds to the stories to the explore page where the audience spend their time just means good for businesses. 

Interestingly, a new feature has just been introduced and this new feature on Instagram is gaining grounds round the world already as more people are embracing it. The question however is, as a business owner, how can you take advantage of this new feature? What opportunities does it present to you? 

Of course I am talking about the Instagram Reels. 

Newly launched in over 50 countries, this new feature is already making waves as more businesses take the opportunity it presents to grow their business. 

In this article you would be learning how Instagram Reels can affect your business and how serious you should take it.

What does Instagram Reels Do? 

Simply put, Instagram Reels allows people to record videos up to 15 seconds long and add popular music, as well as an array of filters and effects, over top of them. 

In a world where social media users are developing a lesser attention span, businesses have a rather short time to get its audience to concentrate or lose them. This feature presents an effective and fun way to capture that attention helping you touch down on your customers via beautifully created videos. These videos, when made fun and creative can be a sure way to grow your engagement, build brand awareness, and even drive sales!

How Can Instagram Reels Grow Your Business 

While seemingly a short way to convey more detailed knowledge, Instagram Reel afford you with several opportunities that can help you to grow your business

  1. Show Your Creativity

Instagram thrives by capturing unique moments, memories and appealing visuals for your followers. What this means for businesses is that you have the opportunity to display what you have to offer in such an appealing manner. 

See it as giving your followers the opportunity to window shop, the more fascinating value they perceive, the more likely they are to act, maybe even make some purchases.

For illustration sake, say you run a kitchen in your neighborhood, and you just came up with a new recipe or something sort of, that can be a favorite, get your phone (doesn’t need to be a digital camera), take an almost professional record, make it fun and post it on your Reels page using a couple of effects. You would be surprised by how viral it can go and what this would spell to your audience is that “you are creative”

  1. Expand Your Reach

Instagram boosts of over 500 million users, and more than half of that population are active on a daily basis. This possibility of reaching a lot of people is something business crave for. By using Instagram Reels, while you will not reach so much audience, you however have a chance to reach a satisfying number of people. 

Expanding your business reach increases the familiarity of your business and subsequently increases the demand for what you are offering. Just like what you would expect from a new thing, a lot of people would want to spend their time on it. A fun and engaging post has the tendency to go viral, show up on the explore page and reach more people.

What are the best ways to expand your reach on Instagram Reels?

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are very popular in the digital space. It connects you to people that may be interested in your type of post. Ensure hashtags aren’t spammy and irrelevant though.

Build Anticipation

If your business has anything coming up soon, be it an event, new product launch or promotion, Instagram Reels can be a place to build awareness and anticipation. Posting fun and engaging teaser videos can spark curiosity and create anticipation.

Instagram can also be a great opportunity to reward new and loyal followers by doing giveaways. If you’re launching new products, you can run a promotional giveaway for free merchandise. Giveaways provide your business the chance of increased engagement and excitement for what’s to come, and also create brand loyalty.

Instagram has helped many successful businesses in a wide range of industries and markets, Reels can be a feature you can take advantage of. Businesses should be incorporating mobile marketing into their overall marketing strategy if they want to increase their presence, which can lead to the goal of increased revenue. Instagram Reels provides you with a tool that allows you to enhance your niche in your own unique and creative way. So, what are you waiting for? Contact our social media experts at Vision Advertising so we can get started on promoting your business today!

In conclusion, there are many ways to tap into the potential of Instagram Reels and Instagram in itself, just keep testing and identifying what works and what does not. Instagram Reels really has the potential to impact your business by showing your creativity, expanding your reach and building anticipation.

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