Marketing can be tough, interesting and embarrassing. It entails that you have to build a brand that consumers can identify and engage with before patronizing or buying your products. 

As much as marketers (especially digital marketers) are trying to make people see reasons to buy, people are in most cases not just interested in what is being offered. In fact, on social media, some of the adverts are even blocked.

Here are some core reasons why people hardly like marketers:

1.  Exaggeration and Overselling

Most marketers sometimes create exaggerated beliefs for what they sell. In other words, they create false expectations around their products well beyond what is to be expected. Subsequently, when consumers purchase such products, their expectations are caught short making them disappointed and less trusting. 

Also, some marketers take advantage of their customers pain points to introduce products that doesn’t address the required pain points. This manipulative strategy makes consumers more wary of marketers claim for solutions to theirs problems or queries. 

2. Lack of trust

Trust is a strong factor that builds and establishes loyalty to a brand. Unfortunately most brands are willing to sacrifice trust in other to make a sale. This could involve lowering standards of services or providing less information to consumers. This usually send out the wrong signals to a consumer as they begin to sense they are might dealt the short straw. 

This is a major setback in the marketing industry as many advertising companies now have to go the extra mile to make their campaigns convert for their clients. Advertising agencies understand that trust is what makes people patronize a brand so there’s more to building trust than advertising so they build the brand awareness by depicting the brand as a reliable one while building relationships with their audiences.

3. Zero customer service

Most brands don’t have great customer service though they advertise continually. Chances are high that before making any purchases, customers check for reviews on the companies website. Lack of such reviews or negative reviews is usually an indication that something isn’t right. 

Good customer service will enable the consumers to differentiate your brand from its competitors which give you an edge over others. Customer service is an effective marketing tool yet to be utilized by brands.

4. Lack for Customer value

Most brands are not interested in the needs and feedback of their clients. In a frenzy to get sales, marketers go all out to convince their customers about their products or services even overselling in some cases. However little is actually cared about how these products and services might be of use to the customers. These consumers in turn feel like there is no added value to them from the marketers so they are not interested in the marketing or in the sales.

5. Consumer interaction

The traditional marketing connected people through mediums like televisions, radios, billboards, banners, and the likes. There wasn’t more to communication and people had to pay attention to those sources to get informed. Marketers too, used these sources to generate conversions. 

Fast-forward to today, social media has provided platforms for different people to sell themselves as an individual or as a brand. Social media has also provided an avenue for brands to interact directly with their consumers which makes the consumers have different communication and view of brands depending on how they tell their brand stories on social media. 

Unlike previously when consumers had little control over what brand message to see or listen to, now customers can easily tune out or block ad messages when they don’t like it. Thus, marketers are advised to find a better neutral ground to connect to their audiences instead of just trying to sell a product and emphasizing on why people need it.

Bottom Line

Most times, when businesses engage the services of professional marketers, they expect results too quickly or in some cases unrealistic expectations. Unable to get desired results, business owners take to marketing on their own. In more cases than not, the result is usually an unsatisfied, unhappy customer leading to more antagonism for marketing. 

The understanding that there’s more there to marketing than running Ads, campaigns, and commercials is why you need professional marketing agencies like Nextgen Media. 

At Next Gen Media, we are creative and design thinkers. We provide strategies that market your product according to the needs of your targeted consumers and not create a need to help you boost sales and build your brand awareness. 

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