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Social media marketing is one of the most rewarding forms of marketing. It has proved to be an important option and one of the quickest means of growing business brands to connect to the target audiences better. Every form of business needs an online presence to improve their visibility among competitors.

In spite of its enormous benefits, Social media marketing has posed a greater responsibility upon the marketers to understand how to properly take advantage of the platform for brand awareness, advertising and customer service. Activities such as managing different social business social media accounts across various platforms can not only be time consuming but also stressful, thus using the right tools can greatly simplify some of these activities. 

Some of these tools below are used to enhance the effectiveness of social media for brands:

Google trends

Google trend is a free tool by goggle that helps to search for the trending topics online.  Experts in various fields utilize it to discover and share information, ideas and researches relating to their field of expertise and its importance in the present time. 

Also, brands use it to monitor the newsworthy events across the world that are. related to their products. 

Google trends also helps in keyword research to know when certain keywords are trending. This helps which in content and social media marketing.


Animoto helps its users to produce videos with photos, video clips, text and music. It is a web application that is available on web and mobile versions, offering free and paid accounts. 

Animoto provides a storyboard template for easy personalized photos, it also provides features that adjust colors, change music and to personalize your brand.


Canva is a tool that is used to create beautiful and engaging images without the help of a graphic designer. Many social media managers and social media marketers use it to create photos that are informative and engaging by utilizing some of its inbuilt features. 

It is also helps online business owners in create carousels using its ready-made templates, illustrations and icons that makes images look professional. Canva can be sized and resized into a size that fits in for whatever social media platform the images will be uploaded on, it also provides a  user interface that is easy to drag and drop. 

Because visual content is one of the most engaging social media posts, it is important that businesses take advantage of this tool to create impressive images that portrays the uniqueness of their brand.


This is one of the analytics tools for Facebook and Instagram because it provides detailed results on the performance of Facebook and Instagram. 

It also helps to monitor and analyze the post that did not perform well and the content that performs well the most. It helps to you to monitor your benchmark against other brands from just one platform. 

Also, with Iconosquare, you can connect different accounts to the same dashboard.


One of the best tools for monitoring your social media productivity is Toodoist. This tool helps you to monitor your day to day task and monitor your social media post. 

It helps to manage tasks from different devices at the same time. Generally, to understand the progress of your social media posts and to accomplish your task for the day, Toodoist is the tool. This means that you don’t have to worry about how to arrange your social media tasks.

Buffer Reply

Buffer Reply supports businesses with good customer service. It helps social media engagement easy and helps to respond on social media. One of the most intriguing things about Buffer Reply is, it helps you to see social conversations across your social media networks, this means that, comments, likes, ads, reviews and posts made on your brand account can be responded to easily at once.


Does your brand need to grow their audience, awareness and consumers? Then PopSocial is the right social media tool. PopSocial helps to grow audiences by engaging them with the social media posts. It is affordable for micro, small, medium and large businesses. If you’re still growing your brand, it is advisable that you use PopSocial to boost your awareness on social media because it is proven to build authentic audience for brand which is good for business.

To Effectively manage your social media presence, some of these tools are quite indispensable as they aid you with creating engagement and interaction. 

Also, many brands are providing a community for their audiences to improve their interaction with their brands.

If these tools still seem complex to you, contact a digital marketing agency that can help manage your brand properly online.

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