The need for Digital marketing has continued to grow across every market niche. Irrespective of company size, either small, medium or large scale business, when done effectively, digital marketing still remains one of the quickest ways to generate leads, stimulate engagement and build company brand awareness. 

This increasing demand for better marketing strategy comes the need to up your game in digital marketing thus the need for more efficient tools, apps and software to help streamline the process. 

Understandably, among other reasons for the increasing dominance of Digital marketing is the fact that it is less expensive compared to traditional marketing and with the right tools results can be analyzed more efficiently. However, while digital marketing tools will only help you execute a proper strategy (they won’t do the work for you), the right technology stack can really help you zoom past the competition.

While there are several tools used for digital marketing, here are some of the best apps you employ for effective marketing. 

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free device from Google. It helps you to pay attention to keywords and understand the traffic journey of your website. 

This device not only stops at driving traffic, but it also helps to understand the number of people that respond to your call to action on your website. With Google Analytics, you get to understand what’s going on with everyone that visits your website, your Advert, and your conversion. The great thing about it is that you get to view your insights and content performance, it helps you understand better if your content can rank on Google or not. 

2. Crazy Egg

 Crazy Egg is an app customized to suit its user experience such that it helps to analyze how effectively your website is performing. In other words, it helps you break down what works and what isn’t working for your website. 

 It has advanced technology features that help analyze what is going on at a particular time as well as presents progress reports.  It helps with research by providing information on what to do with all the data it gathers. 

Also, from gathered informations and data, it creates a breakdown of how you strategy might not be up to required expectations of your company also pointing out how to fix these errors. 

Its features make it outstanding for marketing for medium and small businesses that want to generate leads and increase sales by providing insights on website visitors’ interests. Crazy Egg doesn’t just provide results, it provides reports for content. 

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing has consistently been proven as an effective method for rapidly converting leads to paying customers. It facilitates trust from the audience and creates brand awareness on a budget. If your strategy is email marketing, here are a few platforms that can help:

  • MailChimp: MailChimp is a user-friendly applications that help to send emails on a budget.  It provides opportunities for both free and paid models. It helps track bounce rates, it provides an opportunity to view insights and scheduled mails.
  •  Marketo: this software doesn’t stop at sending emails to the target audience, it also helps integrating channels and resources to help build your brand awareness. By doing this, it creates a Metrix to measure results from your marketing strategy and suggests solutions. Marketo helps the user engage with the audiences.  As a freemium marketing tool, It also has provisions for free and paid models. 
  • Benchmark Email: this application contains features that can help a business’ sales process among which is a templates to be used for content
  • Social Media Marketing Apps: social media marketing is a tested and trusted strategy for an increase in sales. The following apps helps implement strategy on social media.


 Nanigans is a effective tool for marketing on Facebook. It helps to track Ads and Manage Facebook pages.  It also helps to reveal what works for the Target audience and what doesn’t. 


This is one of the top-rated Social media tools for digital marketing. 

With it, you can track and analyze how multiple social media campaigns are performing by keeping tracks of engagement rate on posts. 

The analytical results gotten Buffer can be used to develop better performing social media campaigns, thereby increasing quality lead generation through optimized content. 

One of the best this about using Buffer is that it can be used across different social media platforms without limitations. 


For digital marketing on Twitter, this software is a must-have. 

It is user friendly and customized such that it is easy to understand. Wonk serves as a tool to help you understand your followers by analyzing their interests and what type of content they react to more. With this tool then, you can easily tailor your social media strategy to fit with the demands of your network. 

Its limitations however is that it only works with Twitter. 

Tweet Bot

This is another Twitter customized tools for Twitter account management. 

It helps digital marketers and people who conduct business on Twitter to  organize tweets in several ways as well as tweet and reply directly within the App. 


This is a virtual planner for Instagram that provides a grid on how posts will appear on Instagram.

It provides data and engagement rates that helps marketers to understand how a particular post is performing.

These tools for digital marketing are effective for running your business and generating leads. However, if you are not a professional, you will find it difficult to make efficient use of the data it provides. 

There’s no doubt that digital marketing when done right is a gold mine for businesses. Thus, it is best to use expert digital marketers. With professional digital marketers , you are sure to get a consistently converting digital strategy that eliminates the trial and errors that you might encounter. 

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