No doubt, Social Media has changed the lives of many people financially. It has helped brands especially small businesses reach their target audiences from different geographical zones without leaving their locations. 

The internet is filled with reviews from people talking of how social media has helped them earn incomes from sources they never knew existed. The number of users on social media are increasing daily and according to statistics, every year the number of social media users increases by 10% and about 50% of the world are social media users. 

For business owners, these statistics are proof that social media marketing is essential to reach more of their target audiences and boost sales. When a brand engages it’s audiences online, it has the opportunity to stand out differently from among  it’s competitors because the fantastic consumer experience will make the audiences recommend such brand to other consumers offline and consumers buy based on recommendations of other people which makes increase in sales and brand awareness. 

Despite, all its amazing benefits, Social media does have its negative sides, equally capable of tearing your brand reputation down as quickly as it can pull you up. 

Thus, in creating a brand awareness, Here are some reasons you shouldn’t be overly dependent on social media:

It expands your errors

It takes lots of time and effort to build brand reputation online and equally as much time for your target audiences to become loyal to your brand. 

Having developed loyal followers, you become an authority in your field making your ideas more acceptable to people. The disadvantage of this however is that being popular, an actions or comment csn easily be construed into something that it wasn’t intended for. 

Before establishing your brand totally on social media you have to understand that any news can easily go viral and in case where you make mistakes, you will have to put in more efforts than you did while establishing the brand to rectify your mistakes. This can completely ruin your brand story and reduce sales. 

Your Brand Identity is Flexible

Social media provides an avenue for people to comment and discuss whatever is on their mind freely. While this freedom of expression has its advantages, it can easily affect your brand reputation either negatively or positively. 

For example, an angry, insatiable and unsatisfied consumer can speak ill of your products without any proof and the post might get shared amongst your consumers till it goes viral. Or a random person or competitor might spread negative news about your brand and you might find it difficult to bring down the news because it would’ve gone viral. 

Measuring Your ROI

Social media has several tools  to measure your campaigns but quite few tool to accurately measure the total income generated. 

When you’re active on social media, it increases engagement between your target audiences and your brand especially when you launch campaigns to reach newer consumers. However except you have extra profits elsewhere, it will be difficult to get the exact amount of money generated from the campaign.

Negative Brand Reputation

There are various social media tools to measure the success of your campaigns on social media but, there is no tool to measure or detect a false news. 

Although social media has helped alot of brands to grow and expand their territory, it can also wreck the reputation that took so long to build. This means that the sustainability of your brand reputation has to be carefully managed. In situations where you have little knowledge on how to properly manage your brand, it’s best to engage a professional. 

Social media dependency

Establishing your brand dominantly on social media has the double-edged effect of making your business overly dependent on social media at the expense of customers who might not be social media savvy. 

Is your business targeted for online audience alone? Are you using other platforms efficiently? 

These are the questions you have to bear in mind before fully investing in social media. Another problem that might arise from dependency on social media is the algorithm. Social media algorithms tend to change and your brand engagement changes along with it, and this makes it difficult to engage with your audiences. 

The Presence Of Your Consumers

Before you decide to establish your brand on a particular social media platform, you need to ask yourself if your target audience are present there. 

Although social media provides a community for brands to communicate effectively with target audience, if your target audiences and consumers isn’t on such platforms however, it’s a waste of money and there will be no conversions.

Brand Image Responsibility

Sometimes, social media tends to focus brands into predictable patterns. This is usually more noticeable amongst established brands as your customers and audience have developed a perceived role for your brand that goes with the industry. 

Subsequently, such patterns get too predictable and monotonous, losing all forms of creativity.

Social Media is Expensive

While it might not seem like it, social media has it’s cost. It consumes time, energy and efforts. Getting to connect with your target audience requires that you spend alot of money, engaging them requires time and generating leads require content which in turn costs money.


Establishing your brand might seem daunting, but with the help of professionals, you can easily take advantage of all the benefits it provides.

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